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Learning Center > Seminars and Boot Camps

Our Payday Loan, car title loan, installment loan seminars and boot camps are designed for entrepeneurs who prefer to cover the contents of the our Course - How to Loan Money to the Masses: Profitably" in a group environment. Additionally you have the opportunity to address your specific questions (of course phone support is free to all our clients).

The Boot Camps/Seminars are scheduled in South Texas as demand dictates; generally four times per year. The cost for two daysin our "live" loan center is $5000.

The "Payday Loan Seminars" have been replaced by the "Payday Loan Bootcamp" Procced here: "Payday Loan Business Boot Camp Training"

Of course, our "Bible - How to Loan Money to the Masses: Profitably" is included in your investment in our seminar. We highly recommend your purchase of the Manual for study prior to your attendance.

For more details about the Boot Camp, visit Boot Camps for Lenders.

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