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Payday Loan Opportunities

Our last Business Opportunity Newsletter "blast" was extremely well received! It appears there is a ton of pent up interest in buying, selling, investing and more in payday loan, auto title loan, and check cashing businesses. We have been inundated with requests for more! So, here we go...

NOTE: For additional information, provide your contact information. Please do not waste your time or ours!

Additionally, PERFORM APPROPRIATE DUE-DILIGENCE! We have zero affiliation with any of these opportunities. We only know what they have told us!!Probe! Question!! Ask!!! Cross all your T's and dot your I's BEFORE getting involved!!!! Don't skip on this. Hire professional advisors if you feel it appropriate.

If YOU have an opportunity or YOU are looking for a specific situation simply email

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#1 Opportunity: Check cashing and payday loan store for sale:

Great full size store, 5 windows in the heart of the High Desert California. 1 year in business, owner also owns the land. Has high volume authorized bill pay (3,000 bills per month)

Long term lease with option to purchase land.

Store has full build out and drive through ATM. A convenience store or Pawn shop can be added to property. Store cashes approx 500,000 in checks per month and has 35 active payday loans and growing. Store Gross approx 120K per annum and growing.

Asking price, $175,000 (includes payday loans and all equipment, software, cage,signage, atm machine) Will take 100K down and balance of 75K over one year at prime plus 2%.

#2 Opportunity: Check Cashing Deal.

Growing check cashing operation with multiple locations in Las Vegas seeks weekend cash flow.

Company is not looking for a long term traditional loan.

Company cashes up to $300,000 per weekend (Friday through Sunday) and, as its ability to get to the bank numerous times during the Friday or weekend is limited, it requires additional cash flow.

The Company is able to cash checks and get instant credit from its bank. The company cashes 20 million per annum and sometimes needs operating cash to get it through the weekend.

Need 50K to 100K 2-3 Weekends per month. Money will be wired to Company on Friday and wired back to Lender on Monday.

Company is willing to pay 1/2 of one percent per weekend (2% per month) but has a true annual APR of over 48% per annum as the funds are only needed 12 days per month Maximum. Company will guarantee loan with assets of company and personal guarantees.

#3 Opportunity: Check Cashing

Check cashing (not payday or loan) store for sale. Completely built out. 3 windows and lobby office available for sub-lease as well. In business 18 months. Owner needs to focus on other personal areas.

$60,000 Will take 50% down and carry balance for 12 months.

4) Auto Title Lending/Pawn in Arizona

Auto title loan lender in Arizona with 20+ years experience seeks cash to open 2 more additional locations.

Looking for four each $30,000 cash increments. Proposes to pay investor(s) 20% Annual Percentage Rate paid quarterly. Current location on two acres with storage for RV's and boats; pawned and stored on the property. Automobiles remain in possession of title loan customers.

Principal has complete system, personnel, locations, and extensive know-how; ready to expand model!

#5 Opportunity: Hammond, Louisiana

Payday loan operator needs additional cash to meet demand. Investor/equity partner/owner will be considered.

For Resources visit: Payday Loan Store

Trihouse Enterprises, Inc.
823 South 6th Street
Suite 150
Las Vegas, Nevada USA 89101
702-889-9555 Office

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