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The Business of Lending to the Masses: How To Start & Operate a Payday Loan, Car Title Loan, Installment Loan... Business On the Internet or in a Store

Accelerate your entry into the consumer loan industry. Our "How to Loan Money to the Masses: Profitably Manual" will enable you to launch a loan lending company via the Interent or a store-front.

How to Start a Consumer Loan Business Your time is valuable. You've been "kicking around" starting a consumer loan business for months. You've spent hours and hours on Google trying to figure out how. We provide the insight and knowledge you require to negotiate the challenges that confront you in building a store or developing a web site, driving loan customers to your website, delivering the funds to your cash advance customer electronically, getting your loan principal plus fees back into your bank account, utilizing loan software to manage your business, marketing your loan business site in search engines, and more.

The consumer loan industry has grown into an estimated $70 billion dollar per year industry generating $14 billion in fees. Demand is unquenchable! Consumers in the USA, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the Caribbean and more, cannot get enough. At the present time, 75% of these loan transactions transpire in brick-and-mortar environments. Like most retail financial services offered in the marketplace today, the consumer must present himself at the store-front with all his documents to apply for the loan. After standing in line, answering several probing questions by a non-caring clerk, a few delays while TeleTrack, Telecheck, Accurint, Microbilt, Factor Trust... their employer, their references and more are conferred with; during which the clerk may have to answer a few phone calls, the consumer loan is approved and a check is issued. Next stop for the consumer? Their bank...and more delays. Almost seems barbaric doesn't it? Isn't there a better way?

Well of course you know the answer - the INTERNET!! From the comfort of their home or work, the loan customer of today can apply for a loan, be approved and have the funds available within hours; even on a weekend. Privacy, dignity, respect, and SPEED! And on the other side of this equation, you and your team can operate from anywhere in the world!

To achieve success and make SERIOUS MONEY you need Information. Our "How to Loan Money to the Masses: Profitably Manual" covers the following Topics:

  • 500+ pages
  • Forms, contracts, disclosures, arbitration agreements and more. Customize with your company name, phone...
  • Industry Overview
  • Industry Analysis
  • Pkg with Your State License Application (if applicable,Legislation & Laws
  • Step-by-step procedures
  • Strategies
  • Tactics
  • Man loading & Personnel
  • Licensing: Tribe, Offshore, State, Province...
  • Car Title Loans
  • Payday Loans
  • Installment Loans
  • Line-of-Credit Loans
  • How to build your business
  • How to screen your customers
  • How to advertise
  • How to handle problems
  • Laws affecting your business
  • What type of equipment you will need
  • How to get your website built
  • How to select a great location for your store
  • Manual or computer managed?
  • How to select your bank
  • Forms required
  • Vendors who will guarantee your customers checks 100%
  • State and federal permits/licenses
  • Telephone Support
  • Operating an Internet Consumer Loan Business
  • Borrower identification tactics and data bases
  • Check recovery services
  • Industry trade magazines
  • Consumer loan industry trade organizations, conventions & workshops
  • How to become an affiliate/agent of a Nationally Chartered Lender
  • Sub prime Consumer Reporting Services
  • ACH & EFT methodology
  • ATM card procedures
  • Electronic Funds Transfer.
  • What software is appropriate? What to look for? Vendor contact & pricing info. How to get great payday loan software for less than $750
  • Collections
  • APR formula with examples
  • Compliance issues.
  • Arbitration discussion
  • Demographics
  • Marketing
  • Infomercial source
  • Photo/Signature capture
  • Industry Resources & periodicals
  • Business Plan & cash flow projections
  • Forms, advertising materials, and links to more information
  • Discussion of alternative methods for conducting consumer advances. (Internet Service Provider/cash rebate, Sale-Lease back, Catalog sales, etc.
  • Additional income possibilities & Traffic Builders
  • Includes our Canadian Payday Loan Report when we ship to Canada
  • Includes our Payday Loan Software Report
  • Includes Australian Pay Day Loan Report when we ship to Australia
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Trihouse Consulting
27068 La Paz Rd.
PMB 113
Aliso Viejo, California USA 92656
702-208-6736 Office

Trihouse Consulting
27068 La Paz Rd.
PMB 113
Aliso Viejo, California USA 92656
702-208-6736 Office

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